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We define Poet as a person who uses words or possesses a skill of imagination and expression.  Defining the word Less as a smaller amount of or not as much.  When you put the two words together, you get Patricia Johnson a.k.a. Poetless.  Her use of words and skill of expression is will leave you nothing less than amazed!

Born and raised in Baltimore, spoken word became a part of her life when I realized just how powerful her words where and how deep they touched someone emotions.  She came up with the name Poetless after looking up names and coming across the definition which means a person who has the gift of poetic thoughts imagination and creation together with eloquence of expression.   Her first poem titled ”Taking to Soon” was penned after the loss of her first daughter.  Drawing her energy from her emotions, her life and all she has been through inspires her to write.  If you had to describe her work in one word it would have to be inspirational.  Inspirational because she is always encouraging people to never let their situations hold them down.  Inspirational because no matter how hard it may seem, there is always light at the end of every  tunnel.  She sees her daughter through her inspiration.  “I see so much of me in her and she gives me a reason to put my all in all that I do”.. “I think I’m a different from the other artists because I’m more of a story teller.  I don’t recite a poem just for people to hear me.  I like to make people feel that they are a part of it.    Her favorite place to write is Barnes and Noble in downtown at the harbor.  The atmosphere and the energy it helps clear her head and helps with her thoughts.

Poetless experienced her first open mic on December 29, 2013 at a Soulful Floetry Reunion, an event held by Sabrina Williams owner of SheekNSassy Entertainment.  “I was scared to death.  I was scared I was going to forget my words or not be able to recite my poem at all but I made it through the whole experience was amazing”!  Poetless has also had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented hip hop artist Bryan Lyrics and in the future would love to be in more plays and have the novel she is working on out.

Her words for anyone in the field is to follow their dreams and stay true to their art.  Don’t allow anyone to take away from you.  Make your art stand out from the rest and also have a purpose and a message behind it!

In all of us there is a message of inspiration.  In others there is a way to bring it out and live it visually and audibly.  Poetless, visual with words and heartfelt with soul!


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Twitter:  @poeticlymines

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