Book Review: Walking in God’s Grace: Practical Answers to Tough Questions


I have been asked to do a book review for World Prayr,  a Christian ministry that I have served with and written blogs for since 2010.  Their book Walking in God’s Grace:  Practical Answers to Tough Questions is a wonderful walk through the garden of faith and provides sound answers in the tough questions that faces the new and even the seasoned believer during their spiritual walk.  Enjoy!


What does God’s grace mean to you?  Do you ever find yourself asking that question while in your spiritual walk?  Do long to dig deeper into the why of the actions not only of God but that of his only son Jesus Christ?  Do wonder where the end of self is and the beginning of grace begins?

These are questions that every Christian may ask.  World Prayr has put together a wonderful book that dives directly into just how amazing the grace of God really is.  Strategically written, even the novice Christian grasps the idea immediately of the magnitude and depth of the act of sending his only Son and then letting his Son perish so that we could be made righteous.

The book reminds the reader that it is by no effort of our own that the grace has been given or received.  There is nothing that we could do to ever earn this type of favor.  God does not just stop with His transforming, saving grace in bringing us back to a relationship with Him (location 239).  You are taken through a metaphorical view of the what and why these acts were done…they were done out of sincere, undeniable, unshakeable love that continues even when you think it has stopped.  Plenty of biblical reference, this book also makes an excellent study tool while reading your bible.

My favorite part of the book was under What does it mean to “be saved”? What does the word “salvation “mean?  In this section you learn the difference between Justification (the past) – Being saved from the penalty of sin; Sanctification (the Present) – This is the ongoing process where we are being delivered from sin’s power and  Glorification (the future) – As I am saved from the presence of sin, God promises I will join Him in a glorification, that is, the future perfection which will take place when as a Believer I inherit my home in Heaven, and live eternally in a new God-given body.  This kind of knowledge helps believer and non-believer alike to understand that this walk is not without purpose and fulfillment.

If I were to give stars for this book, I would give it 5 stars.  It is a good read and helpful in answering the tough questions while Walking in God’s Grace.


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