Warning! Strong Black Woman Here



You can bend me
but I won’t break

Strength defined by stretch marks and weight
and a love given to me that you cannot take

Warning! Strong Black Woman here
and the only time I am weak
when I am washed over by God
or my man takes me to my peak

Never wilting, color stays strong
I raised all my children with these hands and these arms
My God gave me a Proverb – 31 if you must ask
to just what He created
never a slave but a QUEEN
the help meet who has your back

I can take the heat dished out to me
from directions far and wide
I have my backing and my clout
so others stand aside

Women proceeded me in regal stance
Eve, Sarah, Esther and Ruth…Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Maya, Ruby, Lena, Dorothy, and Carrie
From Old testament to New
I have stood your test of time
from bones made solid and heart that is divine

Barely scratching the surface
a legacy under construction
thru my daughter I will build
towards futures I cannot see
trusting my God for everything
This Strong Black Woman needs 


Lady Blue

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