Sure the Kardashian’s have touted that waist trainers are the best thing to get that coke bottle figure and help with weight loss!  The fad is ongoing with females (have not seen any men yet) doing their best to squeeze into this boa constrictor of the fashion world. Let me be the first to tell you that a young lady recently won a $5 million lawsuit against a Florida based company called the Waist Gang Society, for promoting the lie!

Have you tried one yet?  I have not but probably like most, my social media has some ad pointing you to it whether it be a sale or a short video about how to put it on easily.

Let me say that first of all, it ain’t easy!  Now if you own a waist trainer, more power to you.  For me, getting into my bra is all the marathon I need, especially on a hot day.  Needless to say putting that on for a work-out at a gym is the last thing I wanna do.  Secondly, you did not put the weight on over night so do not expect this thin piece of rubber to take it off miraculously.  It will not happen.  You may get a good sweat but that is about the extent of it.  Third, you are harming your internal organs.  Squeezing into this material alters the set up of your internal system.  Think about it. Your digestive tract is not meant to be sitting up there with your liver, stomach and spleen, just saying.

Last but not least, be happy with how you are made.  Sure, I go thru days that I want to lose a little here and there, what female doesn’t?  The question truly is this:  when you look in the mirror, are you happy with you?