I have talked about water before but I want to talk about it again!  The benefit of water plain outweigh everything else you could possibly come up with!

Many say they don’t like the taste of water.  First of all, water has no taste, unless you are tasting the pipes in your home or office.  Second, you are made up of water so you can’t hate yourself right?

Try infusing your water!  I have found that a few pieces of fruit make a huge difference in my water consumption.  It is said that you should have at least eight glasses of water per day.  Others will tell you that you should consume at least a gallon a day!  That is a lot of water and believe me I have tried to do that.  Then there are charts that turn water consumption into an math equation based on your weight meaning you have to go back to school for a bit to find out if you are drinking the right amount!


Ok, well, I have done the gambit and as for me, I just carry a 64 oz cup and fill it and that is my water intake per day!  So to make is more fun I will put in watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, lemons, etc.


You can make a fun detox water that consists of cucumber, lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit and mint. You want to keep the rind of the fruit on because there is a benefit in the oils that come from the rind once cut. (I will add fresh grated ginger or a splash of cayenne for fun!)  Make it more interesting by adding small bits of fruit to ice cubes.  Not only colorful but a gentle way to infuse your water and you can eat the fruit when you are done! (I will add a bit of the juice from the fruit before freezing!) This is also a fun way to get fruit into your kids because they will stay busy enough to wait for the fruit in order to eat it!

Being healthy does not have to be bland!  Make it fun and color up your world and your water!