If one more person acts like they don’t know that NEW MEXICO is part of the 50 United States…….UGH! It became a state on January 6th 1912. I was born and raised in the Land of Enchantment. My father served under the NMSP and BCSO for over 20 years and loved Albuquerque. My mother worked as Labor and Delivery Nurse at BCMC (now University Hospital) and gained one of her three masters at UNM. I started my military service there and worked with the City of ABQ under the APD. Many of my good friends and family connections are from this wonderful state. Are you going to disown or mistreat me because I have hispanic heritage in my family as well?

I have to say that you all are taking on a new level of DUMB when it comes to what you think you know and the way you treat people because of #45. You may need to return you high school diploma. You don’t need a green card or passport to travel from NM to AZ or TX. You don’t need a passport to get a fishing license or rent a hotel room for the night or during vacation. Maybe it should be a job requirement now to know the 50 states before you get hired instead of asking or a SSN or Drivers License.

I am proud to be from the Southwest, Home of the Sandia and Manzano Mountains, Land of the Navajo and Zuni, Cochiti, Apache, Comanche, and Ute tribes. Pick a direction and I will tell you what is there and how to enjoy it. My NM drawl comes in heavy when I am at home and I love it. I love my Chili and ask for it Christmas as often as possible. I prefer the desert land any day! I miss luminarias and the Burning of Zazobra and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. If you don’t know what a Yucca or a NM lego is I feel for you. I love to burn sage and eat pinons and stuffed sopas from Modello’s. The roadrunner is our state bird and it does exist. If you need to know anything else, just ask and stop acting like people you have been next to for years are all foreigners.