What is the Deal with DV?

Have you ever wondered what the stats were for Intimate Partner Violence?  How do you feel when you see the numbers but never hear anything about the situation?  This is the purpose of 50 Shades of Blue 2016.  We need to bring a voice to this silent epidemic and give it the audience it needs so that the victims don’t go unnoticed!  Just take a look!




Men, women, children, families and more are effected by this epidemic.  Restraining orders and peace orders are walked thru like a thin veil.  The victims ask for help loudly but then change their minds out of fear!  This is something that has to change.



Homicide is the #1 result of violence in the LGBT/Transgender community to date.

Often children that are exposed to violence end up repeating it in their adult years.

Most domestic violence deaths are not just between a man and a woman.  Often law enforcement pays the price during a domestic violence incident.

Murder-suicides are on the rise.

How much more can society take?

With knowledge, we can at least attempt to make a change in the way this situation is handled.  With a voice, we can at least let the world know that enough is enough.  With a strong presence, we can let the perpetrators know that you will not continue to get away with what you think is not your fault.

Will you help today?  Will you support 50 Shades of Blue so that we can help entities like House of Ruth continue to make great strides in helping victims of Intimate Partner Violence?  Donate today!










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