Book Review by Lady Blue


A good story line is one you can feel as well as read.  Looking through the eyes of Rayne Smith, you cannot help but feel the range of emotions that she experiences while reading this book.  J. Asmara has done just that.

Rayne is a uniquely complex character in that you can relate to her in daily life.  She has a great job, wonderful marriage, great kids, rebuilding with her mother when her world starts to unravel.  Without giving too much of the book away, I found myself feeling a little Rayne in myself.  What I enjoyed, and I believe every reader will, is the connection with her husband.  He was not just a name passed on to the reader.  He lived and breathed in all of the pages.  His love for his wife made you feel like that love could be yours. The intimacy of their marriage drew you in and the family foundation is strong.  This is a novella in word that will have you unable to put it down!  You continue to be drawn into  the life of this character hoping she finds peace only to be thrown another curve ball as she reflects on the past and the present at the same time!  All in all, the book is a good read and I can’t wait to find out what happens in Rayne’s life next!

J Asmara is a single mother of three, entrepreneur, Army veteran, and author. She found enjoyment in writing stories, but never thought it would someday become a career. Her first book was published in September of 2014. With two novellas and one short story out, she is currently working on a novel and a short story. Her goal is to have at least one best seller within five years.


Author J. Asmara can be found on Twitter @AuthorJAsmara