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Founded with the mission to promote and protect the legal rights of women, the Women’s Law Center actively engages in advocacy work with the General Assembly to ensure the safety, economic security, and autonomy of women in Maryland. 

Thank you for supporting the Women’s Law Center by joining us in our fight for equality in the justice system.


URGENT Call to Action:
 Week Nine in Annapolis
The Repeat Sexual Predator Act has been held over on the Judicial Proceedings Committee vote list until TOMORROW
SB270 would allow prosecutors to introduce evidence of similar sex crimes perpetrated by the defendant.  For years this legislation has struggled to get passed.  Currently we understand that while it was supposed to be voted on today, it has been held over due to concerns of certain committee members. It was not brought to a vote as planned, but it will be voted on tomorrow.  That means we have until then to put the pressure on all the members of JPR to vote in FAVOR of the legislation. Now, more than ever, we need to assist prosecution of repeat sexual predators.  Contact the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committees and demand a vote in favor of victims – not against them! 

 What can you do? Take Action! 
Call or email the Committee members listed below and tell them to SUPPORT SB270! 
Senator Bobby A. Zirkin: 410-841-3131
Senator Delores Kelley: 410-841-3606
Senator James Brochin: 410-841-3648
Senator Robert Cassilly: 410-841-3158
Senator Michael J. Hough: 410-841-3704
Senator Susan C. Lee: 410-841-3124
Senator C. Anthony Muse: 410-841-3092
Senator Victor R. Ramirez: 410-841-3745
Senator Justin Ready: 410-841-3683
Senator William C. Smith, Jr.: 410-841-3634
Thanks as always for your continued support of our mission! 
Michelle Siri
Executive Director
P.S. As you may already know, Senator Wayne Norman, long-time member of the Judicial Proceedings Committee passed away unexpectedly this past weekend.  The Women’s Law Center is saddened by this tragedy and holds his family and friends in our thoughts.  While we have removed his name from the above contact list, we ask that you double check any email lists you may send out to ensure that we respect his staff during this time by not sending action emails to his office.  
P.P.S. Mark yours today for these upcoming events to join in on the action and be a part of the solution!