Wordsmith – a skilled user of words. Every once in a while you come across someone who has the panache for putting words together that move you and make you think you gotta hear more!  I heard about  Illadelp (a.k.a. Kenyatta Parker) via a close friend and I just had to hear more! I like to mix things up and let the person tell their story so sit back for a candid question/answer session with the one and only Illadelp! Where are you originally from?  Where do you reside now? Born and raised in Philadelphia and still I reside in Philadelphia. How did you come up with your name?  What is your real name? illadelp was created in Okinawa Japan. I was serving as a United States Marine and was just starting to record music. My brother from another mother Mark Thompson ( Friend and Photographer ) made the statement ” you need a dope MC name!” Thus illadelp was born! I named myself illadelp because I view myself as one of the dopest artist out of Philadelphia. I then combined the two and came up with my stage name illadelp. I would never tell you my goverment name… lol … Two separate worlds. When did spoken word become a greater part of your life? I as a hiphop artist and wordsmith have always had a way with words. Sweet with the tongue, I started writing spoken word poetry to get the attention of one lady. It worked, for a little… lol … needless to say I lost her but gain the real love of my life SPOKEN WORD! When was your first open mic experience and how did that go? A small little spot in Philly out Germantown. I was hanging with Charron Monaye and somehow I ended up on the stage! She bamboozled me… lol … One of the times I didn’t mind being hoodwinked… lol … It was a release, a great moment. I was dating my spoken word secretly, and finally I had a chance to be open about our relationship and other snap their fingers to the vibe we put out. Do you remember your first poem or story?  Was it about something or someone? My first poem was about love, how I wanted to impress her who shall remain nameless… lol … Do you have a favorite spot to write? I write where the inspiration hits. I write any and everywhere. Where do you draw your energy from?  What inspires you to write? One word ( LIFE ) to all your writers out there you know exactly what I’m talking about. How are you different from other artists out there? Who I am makes me different. I don’t feel the need to fit in. I don’t feel the pressures others feel. I remain relevant by being honest, open, and sincere. Truthful living in the real world experiencing life the same way my supports, family, and friends do. This is why I’m different. What does the future for Illadelp? Endless possibilities, unlimited resources, greatness, businessman creating opportunities for others, the ability to be phenomenal and inspire others to be far more phenomenal then that in which I will achieve. I could on but I’ll stop there… lol … Have you ever collaborated with anyone?  Would you like to? Yes I have! ML the Truth from Mississippi, Stump and ZAQ from California. Reddz and Hoffe from Philly. I am currently working on a song with Dell P, Matthias, and Pozzie Mazerati on Unity in our community. This is our way of taking a stand against the damage we do to us! What do you tell someone who feels they can tackle this type of spoken work? Anything is possible,  just make sure your heads truly in the game. And the games not all in your head! Who inspires you and why? Charron Monaye author, poet, playwright, songwriter, mother, bestfriend, motivational speaker. These titles alone show evaluation, and I’m all about evaluation! Describe your work in one word? Evaluation And there it is!  Words, motivation, and feeling all wrapped up in one package!  I hope you enjoyed your time with Illadelp.   You can find Illadelp at: facebook: illadelp twoonefive Instagram: @illadelp215 Twitter: @illadelp2012
Website: iamilladelp.com (under construction)  


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