AS you run your hand across the vibrant thread of my being
colors filling the corners of your mind
as you follow the threads of my tapestry

Flowing up from darkness as stars that were so numerous
glowed from above shining on this love that grew
from a heart so full with a story to tell, I went thru heaven and I went thru hell.
Only to find my pattern not quite right, many times the tears thru the night
that carried me to light of day another stitch along the way.

The stories yet to be told in a history of rich yellows and blues,
My skies and my sunsets the heartaches and sorrows wondering of tomorrows
not promised but yet a fingertips reach Ii open the book that has yet to teach me.
Of all it holds unfolding turning pages fly me thru the ages of voices playing
inside the realm of my hearts mind… said Whitney, I look to you for my name in the book,
stitch of red woven with green, picture coming into view and then there is you,
the lessons being taught of the lives that paved my road I walk freely.

Yes the law was given but grace was received by the one who died to set me free.
In human form, stitches of maroon and brown nothing to hold down the blood that flowed
from veins so precious in sight of a man and to be covered no longer wasting in this sin.
I start again, growing a tapestry baring my soul for all to see.
In and out the needle threads through the holes in my life bringing together the tears and scrapes and faithfulness it takes to stand this tall above it all.

The fruit I bring let it speak to your soul thru strands of time that seamlessly wind my inner being with your beat in time my heart strings stretching, compressing combining and winding my song thru intricate strands that bring my melody and my design.
Specific prayers that come from where the heart has traveled my feelings of elations tied together with frustration can only take one direction did I forget to mention positive is where I live .


Listen while you read!


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